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"We're popping up as a traveling circus of entertainment."





New YOrK, NY 

2/13/18       3:54 PM



Hi, everybody!!! 

Welcome to the brand-new Man Repeller! We are no longer producing content, just popping up as a traveling circus of entertainment in various hotels across North America!

Just kidding. We are not doing that (officially), but if that thought excites you, you'll be very pleased to hear that we are taking over Freehand New York, a recently opened hotel in the Flatiron District of New York City, for the sum of a weekend, April 6th-8th, and you are invited to join us there!!! The primary goal, really, is to bring you, the MR community, together and, secondarily, to show you the New York that we are always talking and writing and illustrating about on Man Repeller. Taste the pizza we put in our guides and those cookies that are always all up in our Instagram Stories, give that karaoke bar a try, take a tour of our favorite shopping haunts, hit me over the head with a frying pan for using the phrase "shopping haunts," but most importantly, get to know each other — the soul of Man Repeller! — and us a little bit better. 

We want to make sure you can make the most out of this trip to New York, so in addition to all the events we've planned, there will be some time free for you to do whatever the F you want. You know, they say it takes years and years and so much practice to "decrypt" NYC, that it's a stacked city which requires multiple visits in order to really feel like you get it, but if we have anything to do with it, you are going to leave feeling like a tried-and-true New Yorker (who may or may not have taken a bus tour, tbh), which is where this website comes in. Just like the city, there are hidden corners throughout and elusive things to marvel at (I still haven't figured out if those homepage knees are mine) — how do you like it? Show, don't tell, by signing up so we can meet you and hang out like it is last summer all over again and we are at camp, but better! Better, I tell ya! Fine, not better, but equally as mind-blowing.

There will also be so much swag (not that I am trying to bribe you or anything). 

And with that, I sign off, counting down the days, wearing turquoise in my ears and which frames over my eyes. 




"Come and experience the New York that we are always talking and writing and illustrating about on Man Repeller."

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